The three should pay attention to the optimization of the railway station, just on the line

NO.1: do not stack keywords;

has just launched a new station is the most taboo frequent revision, when we make friends will have a period of observation, if the other party is too fickle, Zhang Li four today three tomorrow we can’t accept the same engine spiders to accept the recognition of a website also need time, if you frequent revision in it the assessment period will only cause the spider, the same is not necessary in the days after the revision of the words do not of course revision! Perhaps the beginning of the new station included those are bad, but don’t worry too much, we just have to make sure the internal structure can ensure the smooth smooth, spider crawling the just! The website frame is reasonable, the content is healthy, can get the engine approved soon.

NO.3: don’t wash the hair of the chain;

in the network information era, the Internet has become a mainstream, the electronic commerce network marketing is the rapid rise, the market trades are also put on the Internet, the website will continue to increase, so the Shanghai dragon engaged in this industry, Shanghai dragon industry more and more people, the competition is also growing more will! Miscellaneous, and the garbage sites are more and more, so the search engine on site audit is more and more strict, especially new sites, just established new sites for search engines do not trust any, so the search engine is sensitive to the new station, it will spend more time to assess the new station, if the new station too observant of conventional standards., law-abiding the usher in the favor of search engine instead if you tried to please the engine then it will have resentment, so good Of the new sites must grasp the principle of proportionality is not excessive. The following simple to say three note that moderate when optimizing:

> The

for new sites, to update the content, enrich the website in the first place, so that when you start crawling spider station is the "food" can be found. At the beginning it tasted the sweetness of fear it will not come? So the site content is not sufficient under the circumstances, to do well in the station, not too fast to other sites outside the chain, when content rich after the frequency of the spider crawling more frequently, and then began to do the chain.

NO.2: not to frequent revision;

keyword is a black hat Shanghai Longfeng method, once also become the Shanghai dragon who raised the one of the keywords ranking method, keyword stuffing can promote the site’s ranking, but for new sites, do not over of keyword stuffing. Because the search engine at this point to the railway station, especially sensitive, if you start piling up too many keywords and content quality is not high and it is easy to let the engine lose confidence. In fact, for the new station is not necessary to do keyword stuffing, because is the new sites not what weight, even if you stack, the rankings are not half will go up, so for new sites for the first thing to do is to think of a way to get the engine trust, slowly increase the weight.

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