Seven Shanghai dragon origin [Video + text]

2. flow Shanghai dragon


1. brand Shanghai dragon

4. enquiries Shanghai dragon

B2B is the main site to such or traditional enterprise site can not do the actual order or purchase behavior, so the Shanghai dragon to get enquiries or ask a single. Although no such user’s intention to users so strong, but he.

3. electricity supplier Shanghai dragon

why do Shanghai dragon? Many people would say that in order to flow, in order to order, it is not false, but not a word to simple explanation, because the original purpose of different websites, enterprises, the status quo, the ability to do Shanghai dragon are not the same. We can’t just pursue Shanghai dragon performance, must understand the reasons behind the Shanghai dragon do find its origin is more important.

here refers to the flow of Shanghai dragon is 10000, is used to deliver. That is to say how to obtain cash by Shanghai Longfeng flow, this kind of website is very much, such as through the station advertising, advertising alliance, CPS etc.. Its purpose is through Shanghai Longfeng flow two utilization benefit. Such practices must be Shanghai Longfeng optimization based on keywords, but only a small number of sites have the flow of Shanghai dragon capital, because the site gets large flow is a very slow process, which requires a lot of web business, operations, promotion and so on.

not all sites are suitable for Shanghai dragon, not all sites can do flow or rank. Therefore, pragmatic strategies for the development of Shanghai is very important to the dragon. I put the origin of Shanghai dragon is divided into 7 blocks of content (below)

brand exposure is the core purpose such Shanghai dragon do, and that the binding is to help enhance brand brand better to control the user. Keywords the Shanghai dragon must be user can remember the word. Why is the word memory rather than the brand word, not necessarily because of a company’s brand is the right customers remember, they may remember your word is a replacement. For example, before a LG KG90 mobile phone (fire), for the vast majority of users can only remember that it is the mobile phone LG chocolate, so the user can remember words more accurately than the so-called fixed thinking brand word. The key point is how to grasp the brand of Shanghai dragon to understand the deep memory word.

this is a common practice in Shanghai Longfeng, its main purpose to increase the site of blood transfusion function. The electronic commerce of Shanghai Longfeng front is caught is to keep the traffic flow, the back end, so the electricity supplier to Shanghai dragon only the front or rear end can be fixed is not enough. But we also know that CRO is more back-end operation and Shanghai, there are still differences, so the electricity supplier Shanghai dragon has transformed the retrieval bias with the word is more suitable for CRO, not every person can manage the Shanghai dragon.

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