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I have a happy education examination site examination, because this station is done 301 jump, the old station started 2009, due to various reasons behind the re registration of domain name transfer station, and the old station to do 301 jumps, but the love of Shanghai 301 treatment technology is not very high, the new snapshot has not updated, updated snapshot every day instead of the old station, time in the past year, the website or in this case, the snapshot is not updated for half a year, so the 301 site jump canceled, canceled in a week after the site suddenly included reducing the 1000 page, site page is not the first. The search for "happy" the word home page ranking are gone, so it is obviously love Shanghai right down, then I analyzed the various reasons. The website contains less original content that we are not very high, is new, the weight is not very high, before all things love Shanghai that is rubbish, so the previously indexed pages are removed from the article, the second is suddenly canceled 301 jump, before the old station also have the weight, in love Shanghai webmaster tools, the old station page is also considered a reverse link, included many pages, there is a reverse link, suddenly canceled, the chain suddenly dropped, so it will cause love Shanghai.


updates to

301 site jump suddenly please to change


site is down right, there is another factor that takes into account the original, the original site is not enough, but an educational website you want to manually write an article, it is basically impossible, only the original and false original article, still have to go to the Internet to find information that the site is being practised, the pseudo original, I want to love Shanghai news search keyword articles, and then put the article to love Shanghai search, read the same articles appeared in the number of pages, the page is less, this article in Shanghai is not much love in the data, can make good use of the page. Much of it, it is best not to use the webmaster, because too many things, the love of Shanghai is not included you this not the weight of the station. And then modify myself under the title must change, delete the useless articles, plus practical words. This love Shanghai current technology will think you are original, although other sites also have this article, but love Shanghai will think two websites are original.

website is love Shanghai punishment is commonplace things, but love Shanghai not just to punish you, is the most likely love you violated the Shanghai rules, when your site included reducing, not updated snapshot, site home page is not on the first page, keywords ranking suddenly drop, then your website must be reduced right or punished, the face of this situation, the webmaster certainly anxious, many owners think that we must strengthen the renewal of the original article, let the website restore weight, actually this is not an ideal method, practical solutions to following the author of their own experience about new sites being punished.

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