Share the love Shanghai how to better use.

now to say the first point is to do good work must first sharpen his tools. Is the training we usually call account. This point is very important, do network promotion people know whether you are using blogs, forums or quiz or authority of the platform are needed to account. This is your account number, your account level is higher, the rate will be relatively high, but also shows the authority to be higher than the new user, the contribution rate is self-evident. At present, small hands have more than 4 of the core user account 5, other small account also has about 7 or so. The number of such accounts in Shanghai love encyclopedia promotion is enough, in fact not so difficult, it is important to keep you going to do.

had heard some talk of love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon Master encyclopedia promotion skills they talked about, I was a novice feel very fresh, so I want to try. Later, after a time to write entries, entries submitted, waiting for review, modify entries, wait until the last audit, love Shanghai Wikipedia administrators tips: Congratulations! Your entry has been approved. Of course, receive more is: please check, whether or not to join the not associated with entry or weak correlation between the content, such as redundancy, meaningless or illegal information (such as: non objective, accurate and comprehensive information etc.).


1, pay attention to the construction of the

First impressions are strongest.

2, using the familiar rules of

hand site, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love is also a great demand. As for why love Shanghai encyclopedia, a netizen with a classic words: people do, love watching Shanghai encyclopedia. Indeed, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love brings a wealth of knowledge to our network life, many words will be included in the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love. The network promotion staff, how to make good use of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love will bring unexpected effects on our promotion work. Now we teach how to better use love to share their experience of the Shanghai encyclopedia.

With the increase of account culture Encyclopedia

encyclopedia is in order to increase the weight of the website or the entry, there is an important aspect of the high quality of the chain increased. Successfully set up a chain of outside than you love Shanghai "in the Encyclopedia

3, Wikipedia building note links into

is now being used by us is love Shanghai Wikipedia platform, since the search engine is the love of Shanghai, then you can only follow the rules to love Shanghai. Otherwise it is not included in your page, not by your entry is reasonable. This requires our editor when writing entries first take some time to learn about writing rules for entry, do not violate the rules or to Wikipedia, through is very difficult. The misfits edit entries love Shanghai naturally will not give you face, first is because you don’t have to give it a face, so familiar with the rules of this article we will not say more.

In fact, the establishment of a

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