Some pros and cons of love Shanghai Webmaster Tools


can see this article webmaster believe practical love Shanghai open the webmaster tools, otherwise it is passing, of course, whether or not you are a practical love Shanghai webmaster tools, I actually thought for a long time to write this article, because the love from Shanghai to foreign webmaster tools when I was in use. With the increase of functionality, to a certain extent, indeed facilitate the webmaster, but this tool also has two sides, today I would like to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of love Shanghai webmaster tools.

took it under its disadvantages, this tool is good indeed for the owners to provide a convenient, but the biggest problem is that the data is not synchronized, you can site your site, and through this tool in the query, index quantity is completely different from this, I really do not know is in accordance with the Shanghai love tools to analyze love address in Shanghai or in accordance with the analysis, this is the lack of tools, webmaster tools can directly reflect the site included aspects of the situation, but this and through other Webmaster Tools query the existence of a large entry. I believe that many owners have this experience. The second is the site optimization recommendations, many webmaster is modified according to the suggestions given love Shanghai, but found no results to modify the ranking up instead of down, and some have to be JS and RAR must exist, and love.

first said, love Shanghai webmaster tools for every station can provide a query index and now the chain the latest analysis, webmaster tools inside the function is not to say, which everyone can see, so there is no need to say it, many webmaster in practical love Shanghai the tool, which of course is good, because having sex in Shanghai ranking, ranking will certainly be in love Shanghai things, so a lot of time in rank, website and so on are some data to see through the love of Shanghai webmaster tools, at this point, love Shanghai Webmaster Tools doing really good, at least as many in the Shanghai dragon station provides an intuitive information, at least to find the site if there is a problem, the site meets the love of Shanghai included standard, especially now In the extrusion of the other search engines, love Shanghai open sitemap access, millions of webmaster have received such treatment, this is indeed a kind of progress, we are doing your ranking, not even the tools are not for everyone? Love Shanghai very sad words that many webmaster is that, when the baby is still noble love Shanghai is not so powerful, for now, we all know, it can’t, so love Shanghai is now more open to webmaster tools is a good start, at least let many webmaster do not be so tired. At least the problem can be found, at least know how to solve the problem, this is worthy of recognition, this is the love of Shanghai webmaster tools benefits.


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