Analysis how to become the actual record website snapshot

again, the chain of the site analysis, and shoot down the chain some open popup warning in Shanghai Webmaster Platform, plus 404 pages, when all this is done, the overall check and upload

! !

first modify the website source code, JS to jump directly to dispose of, call to unreasonable, or not essential parameters directly remove the link inside;

finally, it should be is the focus of the third day after the upload, which is the month of 28 days, love Shanghai smoked after, the morning of 30, found that the site included burst length, almost everything to SITE, only the original website ranking has completely disappeared, the day also updated snapshot for upload. Of course, some small sense of achievement, then every time the 3 articles are original, with the title of the article, first love Shanghai, look at the same rate, personally feel that this is important, then the structure of the article, in the first paragraph without any anchor text, and appropriately into the title second, add a anchor text, and insert the pictures, after the above, so stick to now, from the current owners still love Shanghai recorded from July 14th to August 10th, the basic snapshot is the next day, and Before the snapshot can see that:

VIVA the original Adsense nets start! Case: www.szcsyp贵族宝贝, reproduced please keep this information, thank you

is the second repair and supplement the website content, decisive delete reproduced garbage article, adjust the whole website title and keywords, this should not have been moving, but found in the category page, whether it is a few pages, all titles are the same, here only in the title called joined surface code; this process, in fact do a little bit of Shanghai Longfeng thing;


previously, in some Adsense website snapshot update on the day see bubble forum, people are still the envy of midnight on the site, never thought of their hands-on station can achieve a snapshot of the day, the first introduced about:


attribute: Enterprise Station, 30 days ago, just took over half a year, the content not update a snapshot, it is needless to say, a few in October 2013, the site is not good internal evaluation procedures, in order, on the next article, using JS to build the jump (do not know how to stand tall the website of the product, etc.) is not a complete title, a picture, the like are empty, the station is basically direct copy of his station, even the content in the anchor text chain or others station, Web links are dynamic, long….. See, all of this, the heart cool half, but not, in order to live, have hard scalp top

and from 11 to now, all the snapshot! This is exciting! Although ranking did not recover, but I think this is a miracle!

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