Love Shanghai algorithm eliminated six tools has swept Shanghai dragon circles


With the improvement of the

data acquisition is a method for manufacturing content most rapidly, a new station can immediately from "thin" to "plump", before the acquisition mode is very popular, especially those who engage in traffic and information station, because the site requires a lot of support, the use of artificial.

search engine, search engine in constant content of penalty of poor quality is also constantly remind the webmaster, the quality of the content is the site of the essence of good quality content will have good rankings; if you have now as in the past pseudo original Internet manufacturing waste, so congratulations to you, you can not punish target far away. You know Shanghai dragon chain is a mutually beneficial process, achieve win-win way outside the chain is the most valuable.

pseudo original tools to an article, rapid reshuffling has reached the "original" effect, but the pseudo out of the original article, the quality is worrying, content basically cannot allow the user to see the meaning; 2010 in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the use of pseudo original tools is to optimize the way very common. All kinds of software in addition to the station beyond count, pseudo original, also released the chain using pseudo original editing articles to save time.

algorithm, K dropped a lot of such "original but the quality is not high" article, many of the lessons of Shanghai dragon Er lesson station is manual updating, as in the past but outside chain pseudo original, because we know that the chain is released to the website of others, others are k others what, we just released the chain and included to the rankings, this is a very selfish ideas and practices, optimization of Shanghai dragon is actually very unreasonable, because when people website after being punished, our website is bound to have a certain degree of influence, is only the size effect is different, when the website of others by K, signs of their website no right down and do not happy too early, because your site may also be "points", but you are not aware of.

With the

algorithm will result in some Shanghai Longfeng tool failure, in the three years of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon discovered before good software, with the passage of time, slowly fade in people’s field of vision. Many of my friends also blindly looking for Shanghai dragon software, opportunistic do rankings, in Shanghai before the software is only taking Longfeng a supporting role, and can not completely replace the manual, and use need to be very careful, only when the site has a certain weight, can use the proper software, it will have a better effect; now, perhaps for software optimization is meaningless (love Shanghai in the continuous control of this form of cheating, the effect is only, unless you can create flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum) a high quality original article writing software. Below about six have been eliminated Shanghai dragon tools:

Every time the improvement of data collection tools


, a pseudo original tool

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