The site was found reason to hang black chain and its processing method

black chain is no stranger to the webmaster, last year I started to get some enterprise website, often hung medicine web site this year, the author although less medicine website of the black chain, but in recent days are often hung is the gaming website. Why is the black chain

black chain, usually refers to a web site to see the chain, but was the search engine to compute the weights, the black chain is also called the hidden chain, also called the dark chain. In general, we are on the home page of the site where each place to find these links, but can be seen in the website source code. A friend asked, home can not see these black chain, how am I going to find your website was hacked? Wait a minute, please look down, I will tell you the way.

why hang black chain are some medical and gaming sites like


black chain as a means of Shanghai dragon technique is quite common, some owners with reverse links to other sites of non normal means of access, usually through a variety of web application vulnerabilities in their web site links are black on. Weak passwords, such as scanning loopholes in the server, and then hacked website link hanging, so as to make our web site to get good rankings in search engines.

front and we said, the last corporate website have black chain hanging medical website, and now he is betting websites, why are some of this medicine > website?

we see, if your site has been linked to the black chain, we will find the code in the source code:

black chain text

so rampant? ?The

black chain tag was placed in a hidden Div. The user is unable to see in the browser, but the website source code can check to. The search engine can also capture the link. Some people will say that love is not always in Shanghai against the black chain? Why hang black chain transfer to the website weight is effective, first of all, I want to tell you is that the search engine is the machine, love Shanghai spider is the machine, love Shanghai has this chain of factor weight algorithm in Shanghai, engaged in the Dragon friends all know, want to rank well, key to enhance the weight of the chain is indispensable. Although the love Shanghai algorithm in change of black chain link and fight, but spider he is not a man, in the short term will transfer the weight, but after a period of time, ranking will fall, which is why black chain ranking is not a permanent solution by reason. The author believes that the love of Shanghai in the short term can not handle, to hang black chain site on the contrary, he will transfer the weight to it, but some day it will be K.

first, we first understand what is black chain. May the novice webmaster is not very clear what is the black chain, a veteran can pass. The first contact with the black chain the word friends can love Shanghai, love Shanghai. A detailed explanation. The following is the author’s point of view:

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