shlf1314adsence advertising application complete manualNine wins Tianyuan network CPA suspension not


wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

CPA for advertisers Tianyuan network adjustment, will stop running please is to launch this advertising webmaster timely cancel ad code on March 4th 23:59, in order to avoid advertising waste caused by unnecessary losses, please understand the inconvenience!

nine wins the League

more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u

application address:


shlf1314 prompt does not support Chinese. When you register, you need to fill in the spelling

enter your account information are as follows: on behalf of the information hiding XX webmaster

post encoding: 210000

Web Language: Chinese Simplified please continue to confirm before all the information is correct.After

two, wait for the shlf1314 letter from admin5

waited for two days, shlf1314 letter is as follows:


AdSense. This article comes from admin5

first step: enable the account.

Please visit

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

, everybody:

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address:


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