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Robin Li warned eager young people: "must look forward to two years of vision.". Follow the trend, catch the tide, you have probably just odds and ends of a meal.

in 1999, Robin Li returned to China and established a sh419 Inc with his partner as sh419 Inc chairman and CEO, fully responsible for the company’s strategic planning and operations management.

this is a conversation with a client at the beginning of Robin Li’s business. Later, the customer told him about Robin Li’s refusal, he felt very satisfied, because it reflects that Robin Li is a very real and steady, so that his product quality must be guaranteed.

Robin Li did not follow the big stream into the field of e-commerce, but quietly to the few people still interested in the field of online search. Because he saw the tremendous impact that search could have on the web world.

does not need money to borrow money

to 2005, China’s Internet development, for our computer practitioners, is an opportunity, this is e-commerce, that is, on the network to engage in transactions, as the saying goes: "network operators.". Many people made a successful businessman through electronic commerce, such as Alibaba, Ma is the e-commerce platform Chinese biggest president, many Internet businessmen do, not only is the electronic commerce, also has investment domain and Wangzhuan etc..

13 years ago, why would I want to be a businessman? I know the status of businessmen, in the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, the position is relatively high, up to now the reform and opening up, the market economy status in the merchant line, after the stars, government officials and scientists and educators. In the early 90s, we had enough to eat in many places and had no spare time to think about it, but I didn’t have the same idea. I think only business people are the most successful people.

"how long will the project be completed?" "6 months."……" "4 months, okay? Give you a 50% pay."." I’m sorry, I can’t do it."

Earn 200 on

in the course of business, money all over the world, no money can’t do anything "is able to withstand heavy battering the truth. In Silicon Valley, every day, >

today’s young entrepreneurs are likely to be successful entrepreneurs of tomorrow, and in order to achieve success but not everyone can achieve on the road of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial process in addition to their own perseverance and some other factors, but also to grasp entrepreneurial skills, learn business methods. Mainland China’s richest man Robin Li’s successful entrepreneurial experience, on the road to entrepreneurship on the friends, there will be some inspiration.

! The third measure:

first move: look forward, two years,

on the Internet as a businessman, I still the old saying: "a person to do a good thing easy, the difficult thing is to do good all one’s life."." The same is true of business. You can earn hundreds of dollars a day on the Internet, not every day. Learn how to do it yourself

in the United States in 8 years has served as the · the Jones senior adviser to the company, "the Wall Street journal" real-time financial information system designers, and a senior engineer in the international well-known Internet companies.

when Robin Li in the United States abandoned the easy to do Dr. hat and hard work, the United States it sector is the hottest e-commerce. Many people desperately want to squeeze on this car to be optimistic about the network of trains, and even throw away their familiar industry.

my business dream is to go through 4 years, the Internet formed, and really do Internet business, to learn to do business, engage in commercial. People without business sense are hard to succeed in Internet business. I was in Guangzhou only in 2008, from Changsha to Guangzhou. By 2010, I had been studying business for nearly 2 years, thanks to the fact that it taught me a lot about business, and it was very practical and commercial. For my business success or not, one of my tests like this is my phone number. You know, if you want to find me, it’s hard to find it all your life. Why? Because I’m a businessman. I know when you do something. As the saying goes: "fold, fold the heart", this in Guangdong this commercial place is very applicable.

in 1991, Robin Li graduated from Peking University, major in information management, and then went to the United States to complete a master’s degree in computer science.

in 2001, Robin Li was named "China’s ten pioneering cutting-edge", in 2002 won the first "IT ten greatest man of the hour" title.

is a member of the merchant engaged in goods trade, from the understanding and familiar with the business, grew up on the University have no contact with the reality of the business, in 2007 of commercial contact entrance in Hunan, but my major is computer, general computer who seldom paid, so the threshold of business it is difficult to go.

second trick: promise less, cash more

is not a success, talk about how I made it. I want to publish a book when all the achievements in the internet. The first section: I have a dream is a businessman, I want to be a businessman 13 years ago, it is now a market economy, it seems 13 years ago is expected to the development of today’s society, maybe the childhood on a whim, it is the social fact today.

in November 2013, Robin Li became the second richest person in mainland China with a net worth of $11 billion 900 million. Along the way has accumulated a wealth of entrepreneurial experience, below we take a look at Robin Li’s entrepreneurial success of the seven elements of success,

in business, I think the mainland people are stupid, there is no Cantonese smart, and the kind of selfless dedication of the mainland is great, not necessarily. Cantonese is fine to do anything out of money, so they have the business sense, so the outbreak of mainland to forbes. Only those who want money will treasure money and make money, and then they will have more money.

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