How to use cooperative attitude to enhance the site selection and ranking

with love in Shanghai? The reason is very simple:


many webmasters may feel to love Shanghai cooperation is, when the previous easier said than done, a website has a certain volume to Shanghai direct cooperation with love is very difficult, but we can take circuitous tactics, cooperation and love Shanghai products:

2. third party recommendation system is the whole page he must have your website, he >



The premise to realize the

, on the right side of our website at the bottom there are usually recommended articles, popular articles, the latest articles on the plate, as shown in figure

1. love Shanghai has at least one team in doing this, in order to KPI and salary, they will do better than their owners;

, love Shanghai recommended


years ago, the Shanghai dragon is the era of rapid development, we have witnessed many Shanghai dragon myths, and various flourishes, but why in recent years the myth of less

cooperation and win-win, the term is applied to all walks of life is not without reason, the same is true in Shanghai dragon industry.

problem is easy to explain, in the love of Shanghai rapid development, fewer people do many times, without too much effort to track the problem, so there are a lot of rules and loopholes, found the law of the people can use them to quickly make your site to the front row, using hot key words get a lot of traffic, to create a myth. But now, love Shanghai has shrunk, with up to thousands of programmers in the anti cheat, if we still use the past to do the thinking of Shanghai dragon, find the law, picking up only, that is tantamount to suicide, because it means that we put ourselves in the thousands of programmers on the opposite side, which help to take the highest salary of the Internet industry of programmers, to tell you the truth I don’t think they are vegetarian, their KPI is anti cheat, when we try to challenge their KPI, is in fact to challenge their boss, they challenge the rice bowl, it is with them in your life, single handedly and thousands of people with Mingxiang bo…… Classical physics tells us: whether yiluanjidan or hit the stone egg, the egg is broken.

Why do these plates

so, if we change a way of thinking, don’t try to challenge, with a win-win attitude, in the same trenches alongside their station, I believe that even if they don’t treat us as comrades, at least not with our life. The owners to provide quality content, then the love of Shanghai provide high-quality content to the user, the webmaster, love cool cool, cool sea users, advertisers are cool, four of all the beautiful things, Why not??

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