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many people say do products difficult to promote, in fact, I have a deep feeling. Business is like Taobao stores, is the same grade. Service attitude is the same, but a comparison will find the gap, the order is less than others. A careful comparison found that the product picture and description in the shops of others than their own good, why not to order products website too. How to make the product specific promotion website, combined with personal insights and discussion under the common:


a simple example, like a weight-loss drug brand (left XXX), they are advertising, material in the picture are temptations, all is the devil figure beauty, see advertising, to the point of impulse, the love of beauty, who can not see the beauty. For the heart? So, we require our artists to do several things in the picture, give the customer a look to buy "desire", in addition, if any pictures with web site (the premise does not affect the overall effect of the image), the role of more and more.

finished the picture quality, ranging from no talk like description, products are generally station products, updates are relatively scanty, then why don’t we describe as product updates? In the rich product content at the same time, and can play shoot two hawks with one arrow update role, Why not?

in addition, the product can also be propaganda station station as some enterprises, love Shanghai and some other places do know, Post Bar even is also essential. In this not a tired. Motomoon Akiyu: the Pedicure Machine (贵族宝贝ykjiajing贵族宝贝),

?Three, the blog promotion:

in some BBS signature, you will see some funny or romantic pictures, often make you could not go to the point. However, if you can’t use the pictures, you can also write some attractive words or funny text. Anyway, as long as it is enough to attract people.

, two

can try to put pictures of the products into the post, make the best pictures, these pictures can bring people to click on the desire, at the same time, you can put the pictures you want to link to the sites, or to set a picture related products link.

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