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Website promotion method experience sharing blog promotion

advantages: blog promotion website promotion in the promotion of soft outside I think the blog (blog) to promote efficiency is very large, the blog promotion with Forum promotion, promotion, promotion Post Bar quiz, published in content can add links, and will not be ID.

blog promotion answer: Q: use blog group tools will have an impact on the website? A: I have answered this question before, can reference an article I wrote before Google optimization don’t put to Baidu optimization "I mentioned:" forum, blog, some people think that this behavior will be K station, will drop right, is cheating is just bullshit". read more

See how I interact with WeChat fans, so that the whole circle of friends boiling!

in fact, Wang’s interaction in the circle of friends is still relatively small, whether it is a friend or a message or his friends in the circle of interactive graphics text messages. On the one hand because of his friend WeChat more, brush faster, this information has not read, it drowned in the sea of people. On the other hand, if I send interactive graphic messages every day, people will get bored. So, most of the time, I still send some news about my life.

today, I’d like to talk about the three interaction in this week. Relatively speaking, participation will be relatively high, the effect is better. read more

Online and offline price suning.com need to face what kind of problems

recently, suning.com once again became the focus of the China electric business, but this is not a price promotion news, online and offline but suning.com promised day after will achieve synchronization. Probably as a spectator, everyone for this commitment trust degree is not high, because the next line store in addition to store rental and staff expenses, taxes and other factors do not mixed, and may the online cost consistent, if the price of unity, we can only say online to lose money or no money. read more

Site reviews a week of wonderful, how to make the site better and better

webmaster do most of the work alone, a person running one or more websites, sometimes confused, sometimes encountered bottlenecks. This time someone inadvertently a comment might have inspired him, find hope in the long way.

give roses, fragrance in hand. A5 bbs.admin5.com forum in the spirit of mutual help, held a daily website review activities, mainly for the review site put forward constructive suggestions, ariadne. From the end of May has been on a number of more than 100 owners of the site. Comment is not a panacea, but it is possible to let the webmaster regain the confidence to do the station, the better the site. This paper summarizes some comments in websites and wonderful comments to readers. read more

WeChat circle of friends marketing seven strokes teach you to get friends circle content marketing

now many individuals and businesses want to do WeChat marketing, whether to sell the company in WeChat products or services, or personal business to earn a living, the goal is the hope that WeChat really bring them more than any other means of marketing sales opportunities, make money easier. So, do you know how to manage your circle of friends now? It is a lot of advertising publicity, attention must be neither painful nor itching, you said, what have I to do? Just to talk to us how we move customers with the following. read more

The United States mission to win the thousand group war with tips either Niubi, or get out.

introduction: meituan on the wall "or bovine ×, or get out" slogan. This is the slogan "go big or go home" translated from Facebook".

Spring Festival in 2011, the general staff of a Facebook with Wang visited the inside and outside of Facebook company. At Facebook, Wang Xing felt the great gap between the excellent engineer and the average engineer. Facebook has about 500 engineers, and about a dozen engineers manage 100 thousand servers for picture applications, and Facebook users upload hundreds of millions of photos every day. "There are too many companies with more than 500 engineers in China, but their efficiency is not comparable to that of the United States."." Wang Xing says. At Facebook, he heard the saying: "the difference between a good engineer and a bad engineer is 100 thousand times that." it shocked him. He thought it was only 10 or even 100 times the difference. read more

Do network promotion, not only SEO

attended many big and small parties in Beijing, but did not take part in a full network marketing, network promotion for the theme of the party. Last weekend, I was honored by the invitation of the Institute of cyber education to attend the annual conference on Internet marketing".

The scale of the

conference is not too big, and there are about more than 100 people in the conference hall. Most of them are young people who study online marketing. In addition, the organizers have invited some guests from the industry to share experiences and interact with each other. Participate in this year’s meeting, found that guests speak most, students ask the most network marketing means, that is, SEO (search engine marketing). Let me feel a little bit and do not understand, why do you mention network promotion or network marketing, just think of SEO, I’ve always felt that SEO is only one of many means of network promotion. Before, often someone adds me QQ, the first sentence is to ask whether I do SEO, or some online to my introduction is to do SEO, in the outside, some friends also introduced me to do SEO. Let me a bit helpless, I wrote more than 100 network promotion articles, of which only a few articles and SEO related. But after reading it, I just remember that I did SEO, and I ignored all the others. If I really what SEO master, I will admit, but unfortunately I’m not, I would like to know that there is such a person Mou Changqing is doing network promotion, rather than do SEO. read more

How did I successfully apply to Baidu to know the admin (I)

is the world’s largest Baidu know Chinese interactive Q & a platform for Internet users to provide all kinds of difficult problems in the online answer, of course not fish, there are a lot of people will use a variety of ways in Baidu know advertising, Baidu know in order to purify the network environment, illegal advertising, Baidu know set up a lot of content administrators and classification administrator for all, do not comply with the rules of Baidu know the questions and answers are screened and cleaned, I had the honor in July this year, Baidu has become a member of the administrators know the content. read more

Baidu and Google tell you how to choose the PPC keyword

is a PPC search engine advertising service launch, Baidu, Google, YAHOO (Google) to provide such services, according to each keyword bid ranking, so peer competition is very intense, each keyword from 0.30 yuan / times, up to a few ten yuan a day, tens of thousands of advertising costs less those hundreds or more, the competition can be brutal, but some advertisers bid price is very high, but did not bring traffic and benefit, what reason is this


is the main keyword selection error, you participate in the bidding keywords may be more common, too broad, and you are relatively poor correlation, and these broad search keyword users, mostly does not have a clear goal and purchase intention, just want to know what, to general key competition, will not bring high traffic and revenue. In addition, Baidu and Google are the top competitors in the competition, so you can learn from the practices of Baidu and Google, such as read more

Looking at Google market strategy from Google Earth development

Google Earth is not an all along by the Google company independent research and development of software. Its predecessor is Keyhole’s own flagship software. Less than a year after the acquisition of Google, Keyhole is wrapping up the flagship software for the Google Earth market. It can be said that Keyhole is the father of Google Earth, and Google can only be regarded as the adoptive father of this software. However, this software has been well known in the map software market, and it still proves the old saying that "father is not as big as father.". read more

Entrepreneurial sentiment opportunities missed, there will be no more

4 years ago, is 04 years, when I just graduated from the University of Shanghai, he began to venture in Beijing, to do a project, the main project is B2B online software model, the model is roughly the member registered as a member, can be the same as ordinary B2B, for the sale of information, at the same time can also purchase online customer management software or online financial software or online selling software or online ERP according to the actual needs of the company. A friend of mine in Shanghai used to work with him, and then he added my QQ and called me and invited me to work together. Later, for various reasons, I did not go into, mainly because I have just arrived in Shanghai is not stable, Beijing is not familiar with, so did not go. The most important thing was that he did not understand his project at that time, or at that time there was no long-term vision to see the future trend and market of this project. Now think about it. I really regret it. I had missed such a good chance, but I missed it. Now I choose the project with his projects are similar, it is to do SAAS, but my project is money online – online billing platform for individuals and families. read more

Entertainment station owners to improve the flow of several methods

1., the use of female QQ, the space passed a few real beauty photos, with QQ mass software, you can write this: I today in the "XXX community" to see your article, written very well. Really admire you, oh, I would like to call you a friend, I do not come online, XXX community to find me.

2. friendship connection, this needless to say, but I also have my own experience, is to find those blog Lord do connection, they have some PR is quite high, if your ability to make friends is ok. This approach is quite effective. read more

How much is the blog’s living space

blog once in the very beginning of that period of time is very prosperous, but today, the blog has gone, no longer brilliant. Of course, there are some bloggers have been strong, out of a distinctive path, continues to the present. No matter platform, blog, or independent blog, how much living space will there be in future?

from the Lu Songsong blog navigation data to see: more than 50% of the blog has been unable to open or no longer update.

red blog also turned to independent blog in 2014. It used the DEDECMS article system for 3-4 years, and stopped on the way for a year. This year, the original article system was transformed into blog form, and the mode of survival was re explored. When I visited the blog, I found that many independent blogs could not be opened or no longer updated, especially the more advanced blogs. This situation is more serious. The more advanced, the explanation is loose, blog navigation included earlier, and with the passage of time, most of the blog has abandoned the previous blog. This shows at least, many webmaster’s independent blog has been unable to manage. read more

Local portal site owners to join the prospect of unlimited need to think twice

earlier this month in the station before the annual meeting of Comsenz (Comsenz) combined with a number of media organizations "development" and the focus of local vertical community activities. The prospect of local community portals is noteworthy, adding 2009 new interactive elements. At the same time also stressed the need to pay attention to online and offline combination of ways to do a good job local community portal.

at the annual meeting of the webmaster, many webmaster and well-known personage also discussed the problem of community portal website, for more community portal webmaster pointed out the direction of the development of the web site. Then, the webmaster nets 21 days organize Heilongjiang webmaster party, to discuss how vertical local industry portal how to operate promotion. In view of the local network environment in Heilongjiang, this paper discusses how to operate, promote and cooperate development of local vertical industry portals. read more

How can regional online bookstores not be valued by industry and readers

I recently found a lot of individual stations in Changle to build literary website, I also try to do a named "Million Book", just my own website " million; " a column platform. At the same time, I also look around the development trend of this industry, we do see some worthy of our attention to the facts, so to share with you.

Dangdang, excellence, or so…… in the online bookstore just unfolding. Today, some of the traditional local bookstores also try to network development, but the effect is not ideal: take the region as an example, a few years ago, a well-known local bookstore is to try to open Internet bookstore, but years later after the conscious exit; bookstore, and an attempt last year cooperation with a local portal, launched the online bookstore, but now basically at a standstill". In my opinion, the confirmation of regional online bookstore has not been as popular as that of national online bookstore and attracted readers’ attention. read more

Catering O2O project can not do, seven reasons explain the plight of food and beverage

introduction: O2O province actually describes a scene of customers and businesses for thousands of years, with the "mobile Internet", "big data" and other concepts, but also rose to a new stage.

original title: you don’t know the reason why the catering O2O project can not be done

Internet to years ago meal ordering a re packaging concept!! in fact, o2o is not what the traditional, new, old drug for packaging O2O! This province actually describes a thousand years of customer and merchant scene, with "mobile Internet", "big data" concept, also up to a new stage. read more

Amoy difficulties do not understand the code without the website how to do Taobao customers

these two days, I have been staring at three sites, three sites under construction, and are invariably in the copy of my website: guest Guide (http://www.daogouke.com), is not a simple copy, but full copy, do as like as two peas. Especially one of them, almost all pages are the same, sometimes I open, and do not carefully look at the domain name, I do not know which is mine, which is their.

I understand very much the mood that copies the Taobao guest friend of my website, because they want to do Taobao guest promotion, and have not found the procedure that oneself like again, so have to copy one say first. Of course, there are even worse friends. They don’t know the code at all. They don’t even copy. Remember, when I first started selling Taobao customers, I was pretty much the same. read more

Does the portal have a grassroots web site

web portal is more promising than the grass, I have struggled in the development of network Weakness lends wings to rumours., stop the bubble and pragmatic, numerous Web2.0 concepts of website, more and more cannot withstand the pressure of reality.


network itself from the tradition, as well as the individual enterprises and state-owned enterprises, many enterprises and portal websites, depending on the process of concept and generous, relying on advertising or investment money, the huge cost of more than 80%, can not find the direction after the run out of money, investors in disgrace go, or rely on their money, leaving a pile of infamy escape. read more

A guy in the eyes of the webmaster and their web site

I am a writer, I mean a day to play twenty thousand to thirty thousand words, the content is all kinds of, from weight loss experience to travel from Tibet to the games, breast enhancement products, game fans and favorite nightlife girl characters are entrepreneurs. At the beginning, I didn’t know what SEO was, why should I stress the key words, but I didn’t emphasize the writing style. This low threshold made me walk on this road. I became a professional beater.

industry specializing in surgery, as for the first. I engaged in this line of business for a short time, but I have been thinking of this road can go far, because it is related to my real life, it seems to be within two or three months there is no problem, but later after? What kind of website popular? How do I need to choose their own way to write webmaster? This problem is inseparable with me. read more

10 minutes to judge the surface capabilities of space providers

initial stage, hosting or sharing is the best choice, but often buy the host, just like buying lottery tickets, the opportunity to buy garbage is much higher than the probability of buying contentment. Here is my experience based on some suggestions, I hope to help you a little.

1: is it important to try it,


can try, of course, but pay attention: when you really spend money to buy space, this space basically and you try the space is not on a server, the trial is not worth much. Personal experience: Xi’an IDC free trial space, support XMLHTTP, pay space does not support, do not support XMLHTTP alone, this can not collect white money. read more