2. major search engines to the website ranking attitude soso: enter the search engine because of relatively late, the attitude is not strictly for the new station where, when your website can keep update, not illegal information content, search generally will soon give the ranking is also included, and your attitude is proportional, but[…]

3, by contrast :   love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, there are always some people very headache, very puzzled, the most obvious is that many websites when art is very bad, the chain is nothing, but the content is not updated snapshot of what is new, high ranking! Today, I in the hands of a terminal[…]

small after a few years of toil in the Shanghai dragon industry still believes he was the rookie level, because Shanghai Longfeng industry is too wide, too complex and continues to change rapidly. Today want to write the article "arise spontaneously so what is the highest level of Shanghai dragon?", for their hope for all[…]

third, the chain and chain stability. I basically every week issued a soft Wen on the Internet, then every day fixed links to increase the number of the chain, the chain is not only the demand of high quality and quantity, also need to stabilize, the chain like you this month a group of high[…]

1. domain name, space, procedures, templates (preparation)   space, personal recommendation VPS or server independent management. Many people say that space is a key step in Shanghai dragon. Indeed, if the crash can not be accessed, every two or three days, how do you love Shanghai to grab your search page, how to give your[…]

finally give an example: there are two websites, a website with the company, and have a business license, and the other a website only Adsense self introduction, this time the user is how to think? He must know that the former is a company, the latter not guaranteed, so the same situation next, the user[…]

, the marketing website only the combination of the nature of their website, select the appropriate network to promote their own, in order to achieve the effect of website promotion. Network promotion enterprise marketing website with common promotion blog promotion, Forum promotion, mail promotion, QQ promotion, micro-blog video promotion, promotion, promotion of a variety of[…]

1, Ranking Ranking changes, analysis the advantages and disadvantages of website. A web site can be ranked in front of you must have its own advantage, may be temporarily adjusted search engine, but is more relevant and website weight, may – in the content or the chain, and we have to do is to analyze[…]

synchronization: Shanghai dragon check the target site A change in the way wrote an article containing the external links of articles published to several other sites, which belongs to the content synchronization, synchronization concept refers to the content published in other content on the site. Provide content return is the author of obtaining a pointer[…]