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The three aspects of a comprehensive analysis of four major search engines

2. major search engines to the website ranking attitude

soso: enter the search engine because of relatively late, the attitude is not strictly for the new station where, when your website can keep update, not illegal information content, search generally will soon give the ranking is also included, and your attitude is proportional, but its influence is far weaker than the love of Shanghai and a baby.

360so:360 search last year just on the line, the influence of user groups 360 although there is no love in Shanghai is enormous, but the influence can not be ignored, but also not as harsh 360 love Shanghai, my new Shanghai dragon road, 2 months although only included the two pages, the snapshot, but compared to the Shanghai love is really good too much. read more

What about love Shanghai’s confusion and conjecture

3, by contrast


love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, there are always some people very headache, very puzzled, the most obvious is that many websites when art is very bad, the chain is nothing, but the content is not updated snapshot of what is new, high ranking! Today, I in the hands of a terminal machine case analysis to discuss the optimization of the rankings who love Shanghai puzzling.

2, the snapshot time


I stand:

query tools through YAHOO tools and fly Daru chain, can know clearly, the chain of each other in both quality and quantity are more than I stand, in fact, I stand do friendship. read more

Examples of love Shanghai related domain (domain) is not really effective link

will produce a large number of domain related domain, that is love in Shanghai know which shows this kind of situation, we look at the pictures

you have not included pictures of this url. As the picture above shows that do not contain the URL, it is invalid link.

this will produce a false link to everyone, leading to domain out of huge data, but really useful links are very few.

group there was a new friend asked me about the keyword ranking problem, he said that his chain more than competitors, he gave me a look at the original site, is a large number, effective and few competitors, and although the amount is not much, but the efficiency is quite high. It is mainly to see the number of new friends from the domain, but ignore the effectiveness, love Shanghai command domain some novice always thought that this is the love of Shanghai query outside the chain, this is actually a misunderstanding. We look at this picture read more

Discussion what is the highest state of Shanghai dragon

small after a few years of toil in the Shanghai dragon industry still believes he was the rookie level, because Shanghai Longfeng industry is too wide, too complex and continues to change rapidly. Today want to write the article "arise spontaneously so what is the highest level of Shanghai dragon?", for their hope for all of us in the improvement of Shanghai Longfeng understanding and engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work.

Shanghai Longfeng what? This topic I believe that both the new or different degree of understanding of Shanghai dragon has Er Shanghai dragon wonder and explore the topic, we first put aside this topic to talk about my personal way in the sense of Shanghai dragon in the industry, I have for a long time in a Shanghai Dragon Industry Forum answers to issues related to Shanghai Longfeng, some of you may know me, first answer my hand want to improve their language skills, on the other hand can open Shanghai dragon related knowledge, because I know my personal problems is limited, however, in the forum I can meet I have no more problems prompted me to find relevant information and order to answer, so my two objective is achieved. This attempt, whether new or old people that are worthy of recommendation to do so, because Shanghai Longfeng industry experience is very important. But these days I suddenly found I question to answer more and more numb, because for a long time to answer the questions I found every day I found this a commonplace talk of an old scholar, thinking is not always a new phenomenon in understanding and familiar with the Shanghai dragon in this industry (the process of answering questions are often similar problems similar to those encountered in people questions), Xiao Bian think the bigger problem is not the phenomenon but is long since the majority of new and old Adsense concern is their website ranking how to, and ignore the true meaning of the website rankings, one may ask what is true? In small series of our website ranking in the true sense of the transaction. How to through the ranks to create value, whether it is in the promotion of website positioning, site layout, construction site must closely around the key to launch the transaction. read more

Keywords stable ranking experience

third, the chain and chain stability. I basically every week issued a soft Wen on the Internet, then every day fixed links to increase the number of the chain, the chain is not only the demand of high quality and quantity, also need to stabilize, the chain like you this month a group of high quality of the chain, the chain for a month, then cancel, then your ranking will be affected; chain selection and high correlation between the site of your site, is conducive to the stability and enhance the website ranking. read more

How to do video capture the web site of the Shanghai dragon work

1. domain name, space, procedures, templates (preparation)

space, personal recommendation VPS or server independent management. Many people say that space is a key step in Shanghai dragon. Indeed, if the crash can not be accessed, every two or three days, how do you love Shanghai to grab your search page, how to give your weight? There are a lot of people say, I use the virtual master > point

domain name, you can see, I just used the beginning of a V two domain, then there is no other attention. Many people say that 3W is relatively concentrated weight a bit, but the tragedy is that I have to do the 3W station, the site is also OK, will not change the. So, on the analysis of a V two domain name to do the film and television station. It looks very casual, but I was through their own thinking to enable. First of all, I ed530 this domain name is "old name", although more than a year before. But in Shanghai love inside the accumulation of anti chain or a bunch of V at the beginning, I will. (later, I use the 3W page for V to do a lot of love Shanghai related domain). These are on the outer chain accumulation. Secondly, many large sites, such as 2345, hao123360 film and so on are all enabled v. So, in the film, love should not exclude Shanghai V analysis can be assured. Finally, there is no 3W than the other two level domain name weight high said, the reason for 3W, others are surfing habits, independent and Shanghai Longfeng, those who have the misunderstanding of friends, I see these words, hope can correct their domain name "Shanghai dragon thought". read more

To determine a good website operation planning website of Shanghai Longfeng will fix 30%

third, make full consideration, in the days after the site operation, to achieve the "three change", the website domain name, web site, location invariant invariant permanent existence of invariant. The domain name change, to a certain extent on the brand logo and website weight and optimization, the website weight, if the domain name continues to ensure good, along with the development of the website of Shanghai Longfeng, website ranking and website brand will highlight the significance of time, sometimes is the brand, the optimization time is the best. Site location unchanged, can love you forever, the person of the website, if the location in the non-stop change, today is the tomorrow that is, then not only abandoned the old users, but also a waste of their corporate resources. The same site permanent, permanent storage site > read more

To explore a new mode of shopping guide website from user psychology

but see the desired goods, but can not find the purchase link, this is a very frustrating thing. Some sites.

for shopping guide website, finally certainly want to sell merchandise to be able to profit. Who is to buy goods at last? Of course is the user, the user is the most basic form of the protein chain website profit. Therefore, in the discussion of shopping guide website, from the user perspective is the most important. We can’t only think, how we feel the best website earned, and should think how users want a website. read more

The website of Shanghai Dragon don’t make the mistake of several optimization

3 server, slow or unstable

2, do not pay attention to

1, the line on the website, and try to have some articles included let love Shanghai.

Er often make Shanghai dragon. A lot of people do not attach importance to the site of URL, URL caused a lot of very long, or no law, or is directly behind is a PHP file with different parameters to display different content, even several different links to the same piece of content. This is very terrible, because this love Shanghai spiders will cast a circle, do not know what is the structure of the site, included is good to go. read more

The rapid increase in the website keywords ranking three auxiliary work station

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. In front of everyone to write more than two articles "to rapidly improve the site keywords ranking: a selection of key words" "rapidly improve the site keywords ranking two: keyword optimization", is all about how to quickly improve the site keywords ranking, interested friends can look at the front of the two, the two although many are a commonplace talk of an old scholar. But look carefully or have a certain role. Today I am still then this topic to write something for the rapid experience to improve the keywords ranking. read more

Windows environment through the lynx view hidden black chain link identification method

then install the lynx component of

After entering the cygwin

cygwin environment, can according to need to install a required component, you can search directly in the last step of the window, for example, to use lynx, as shown below:


Double click

as above, check the corresponding component, and then click next to complete the installation, install the lynx component, then you can experience the magical lynx directly in the windows environment.

introduced cygwin, a Windows platform running on the Unix simulation environment, which can be achieved through the operation of lynx is very simple. Nonsense not say, straight into the topic, use love Shanghai search cygwin, as shown below: read more

What is the optimization of user trust

finally give an example: there are two websites, a website with the company, and have a business license, and the other a website only Adsense self introduction, this time the user is how to think? He must know that the former is a company, the latter not guaranteed, so the same situation next, the user will choose the former instead of the latter, the latter is the trust degree is not well optimized. There is still a lot of users trust, we are only here.

before we rarely discussed the optimization of user trust, we talk about the most is the user experience optimization, optimization in general user trust are reflected in the electricity supplier website for general information and enterprise station basically did not consider the trust degree optimization. The following for the electricity supplier industry, and to explore together the optimization of user trust. read more

The interpretation of the marketing website needs to pay attention to the details

, the marketing website only the combination of the nature of their website, select the appropriate network to promote their own, in order to achieve the effect of website promotion. Network promotion enterprise marketing website with common promotion blog promotion, Forum promotion, mail promotion, QQ promotion, micro-blog video promotion, promotion, promotion of a variety of network events. Although the enterprise can play room for many, but if the enterprises do not attach importance to the network marketing, is not fully integrated into the Internet, also won’t get good marketing effect. read more

Xiao Jun how to hold its ground in the changeable site rankings

1, Ranking Ranking changes, analysis the advantages and disadvantages of website. A web site can be ranked in front of you must have its own advantage, may be temporarily adjusted search engine, but is more relevant and website weight, may – in the content or the chain, and we have to do is to analyze their Shanghai Longfeng condition. Then the better learning strategy and Shanghai dragon skill.

District of Shanghai Longfeng contest will be a month’s time, there will be the deadline of the game, that is to say the next week there will be a new entry site added to the electricity business district competition, due to a new site every day, leading to ranking of course, is constantly changing, even if there is no new entry ranking has not obtained a better stability, after all the efforts, are on the move. read more

The new website optimization, how to improve the site weight faster


Shanghai dragon

check the target site

A change in the way

wrote an article containing the external links of articles published to several other sites, which belongs to the content synchronization, synchronization concept refers to the content published in other content on the site. Provide content return is the author of obtaining a pointer to its website external links. In the eyes of search engines this is a legitimate strategy, because the site to accept the contents of the contents of the endorsement, return of external links is to admit the endorsement of the. read more

Think about love Shanghai update Hubei Chengli net official sales right down lead

2, love Shanghai update manslaughter, because the current coincides with the special car sales season, the name of every daily search volume Chengli also increased to 300 times, the first position of the top of the head into the flow of 10 auction websites every day will have 80 times, and every day in the off-season is 30-40 click around, over time, the content of the website is not a lot of people’s enthusiasm will slowly decline. This point, or from the station in the comments to see some of the. Shanghai love fear most is the station outside the station and the growth of information is not stable, not too fast is too slow, is not good for the site. A large number of clicks within a short period of time will inevitably cause the website search engine doubt, right down punishment is reasonable. read more

Moonlight blog does the Internet make money by cheatingA novice to do SP, with half a day to earn 12

wrote the book itself is a scam, a lot of college students for the network marketing of books on this subject absolutely ignorant of, is relatively small, making the book sales increased, the book sold more, author of course earn more, as for the content of the book is not misleading to readers of course not tube, as far as others AdSense account was closed, that’s none of the things, anyway, the authors have been selling books to make money.

details determine success or failure!

"well," he motioned. Don’t interrupt when others are talking, listening is a kind of respect, not in front of a good example. read more

The change didn’t understand Wangzhuan Wangzhuan mode decide on what path to follow behindSharing a

understand the era

understand the beginning of the times is the beginning of crazy collection flow. Understand the means is to find a high flow of the platform, and then do everything possible to attract traffic from inside. For example, the original operation of the chat room, understand and team members registered a pile of female number, all landing chat room, and then set the automatic reply for a designated URL, waiting for men to chat up. In this way, understand every day tens of thousands of IP et al can fix flow, then put up all kinds of advertising money. Even to the present, understand this rely on large flow platform to steal traffic is still effective. read more

The dead of entertainment website, stationmaster sad placeMirror playing App, one to one live, the o

difference: one to one, VS, one to many,

recently, just set up a pair of video service platform mirror, won the China Rui holdings 5 million yuan, angel round of investment, China’s first comprehensive class one to one live platform. Another focus in a show broadcast platform chat show, focusing on K12 education in a broadcast platform and cyanine I training, but also a New Oriental launched in 2014 on a live style high-end consulting products, as well as a pair of a video chat software Tiki. read more

Pulse Panel Power investigation class CPA advertising on-lineThe stage to modify the shlf1314 AdSens

someone says, "hard work must have results.". It’s true, but it’s not the right direction, or the lack of effort, but it doesn’t necessarily lead to good results. That’s the way the League works. The choice of mistakes is tantamount to choosing the wrong direction. It is useless to try again. I had a domestic Union, is a game advertisement, I was asked to put in, and vigorously promote the month prior to the settlement calculation of the Commission, there will be more than 9000 yuan do publicity, I spent more than 3000 yuan, but at the time of payment, TNN my K. I asked the girl to overcome, but also good, tell me the truth, I said too hard, my achievement let them be struck dumb, so they can’t believe, according to the company’s practice, I was convicted of "unwarranted" crime, that I may cheat, so K!!! I Speechless, just as Mr. Lu Xun said, "I am outraged!" read more