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How to do network promotion service industry products

many people say do products difficult to promote, in fact, I have a deep feeling. Business is like Taobao stores, is the same grade. Service attitude is the same, but a comparison will find the gap, the order is less than others. A careful comparison found that the product picture and description in the shops of others than their own good, why not to order products website too. How to make the product specific promotion website, combined with personal insights and discussion under the common:

five, read more

How to use cooperative attitude to enhance the site selection and ranking

with love in Shanghai? The reason is very simple:

many webmasters may feel to love Shanghai cooperation is, when the previous easier said than done, a website has a certain volume to Shanghai direct cooperation with love is very difficult, but we can take circuitous tactics, cooperation and love Shanghai products:

2. third party recommendation system is the whole page he must have your website, he >


The premise to realize the

, on the right side of our website at the bottom there are usually recommended articles, popular articles, the latest articles on the plate, as shown in figure read more

I will share this forum do second keywords Shanghai Longfeng experience

share feelings

3. video tutorial

1. link mutual



Shanghai dragon interactive forum at the beginning of the line is through the mutual link model to attract a lot of loyal users. We should know love Shanghai collection link is to transfer some weight on the website. But we have a IP cannot do too much love collecting Shanghai. Move in order to solve this problem, Shanghai is willing to pull a lot of sex collecting friends. Sharing all the love of friends of Shanghai collection account. Let these friends together to love Shanghai collection link. To achieve mutual links. Such activities held several period, Shanghai dragon interactive forum attracted many loyal members of the basic. read more

Robin Li share entrepreneurial experience decryption seven elements of successful businessHow do I e

Robin Li warned eager young people: "must look forward to two years of vision.". Follow the trend, catch the tide, you have probably just odds and ends of a meal.

in 1999, Robin Li returned to China and established a sh419 Inc with his partner as sh419 Inc chairman and CEO, fully responsible for the company’s strategic planning and operations management.

this is a conversation with a client at the beginning of Robin Li’s business. Later, the customer told him about Robin Li’s refusal, he felt very satisfied, because it reflects that Robin Li is a very real and steady, so that his product quality must be guaranteed. read more

shlf1314adsence advertising application complete manualNine wins Tianyuan network CPA suspension not


wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

CPA for advertisers Tianyuan network adjustment, will stop running please is to launch this advertising webmaster timely cancel ad code on March 4th 23:59, in order to avoid advertising waste caused by unnecessary losses, please understand the inconvenience! read more

The site was found reason to hang black chain and its processing method

black chain is no stranger to the webmaster, last year I started to get some enterprise website, often hung medicine web site this year, the author although less medicine website of the black chain, but in recent days are often hung is the gaming website. Why is the black chain

black chain, usually refers to a web site to see the chain, but was the search engine to compute the weights, the black chain is also called the hidden chain, also called the dark chain. In general, we are on the home page of the site where each place to find these links, but can be seen in the website source code. A friend asked, home can not see these black chain, how am I going to find your website was hacked? Wait a minute, please look down, I will tell you the way. read more

shlf1314 Adsense advertising style with flip buttons in shlf1314 testWangzhuan success team

3 began to put plans and ideals into practice, after third steps, everyone has a good sense of cooperation and clear goals, it is necessary to put the team’s ideals and plans action


do Wangzhuan is the same, I contact Wangzhuan almost half a year, do not know from what it will SEO and the auction. But I did not earn what money in Wangzhuan, because I didn’t do. It’s not that I don’t do it, but that I don’t think I’ll have too much income.

source: press list read more

The robots.txt robot protocol usage tips

information station page comments and filter pages similar, also need to robots.txt with the URL rule set shield dynamic pages, prevent repeat included etc..

in the shopping mall, B2B and other large sites, often related to the condition of the problem of filtering through the selected product specifications and brand, there will be a large number of similar pages. If this problem can not be solved effectively will cause a large number of similar website content is to repeat the collection and so on, the problem can be conducted through the use of some URL shielding, or consider using Ajax form. But, not directly use the robots.txt protocol based robot has good effect, recommended or in the static URL rule to do by robots.txt on the prohibition of grab dynamic pages for processing. read more

Love Shanghai algorithm eliminated six tools has swept Shanghai dragon circles

With the improvement of the

data acquisition is a method for manufacturing content most rapidly, a new station can immediately from "thin" to "plump", before the acquisition mode is very popular, especially those who engage in traffic and information station, because the site requires a lot of support, the use of artificial.

search engine, search engine in constant content of penalty of poor quality is also constantly remind the webmaster, the quality of the content is the site of the essence of good quality content will have good rankings; if you have now as in the past pseudo original Internet manufacturing waste, so congratulations to you, you can not punish target far away. You know Shanghai dragon chain is a mutually beneficial process, achieve win-win way outside the chain is the most valuable. read more

Optimization strategy of Longfeng simple is the best site in Shanghai

, a website code concise, people at a glance

is an easy-to-use website not only to search engine friendly, more to keep users, site structure clear is the search engine grab good security and convenient. For example, the site navigation is clear, the level of clear, clean design etc.. From the consideration of users, if the user on your site, enter the page, in any case can not return to the home page, click on the browser unless the back button to go back, do you think this website users will visit again? We should do the website structure conform to the habits of Internet users, more and more simple clearly better, if you can do a fool, it can be sure that this site has paved the way for Shanghai dragon, but also let the user more love your website. Simple to the extreme is a kind of beauty, but also. read more

Analysis how to become the actual record website snapshot

again, the chain of the site analysis, and shoot down the chain some open popup warning in Shanghai Webmaster Platform, plus 404 pages, when all this is done, the overall check and upload

! !

first modify the website source code, JS to jump directly to dispose of, call to unreasonable, or not essential parameters directly remove the link inside;

finally, it should be is the focus of the third day after the upload, which is the month of 28 days, love Shanghai smoked after, the morning of 30, found that the site included burst length, almost everything to SITE, only the original website ranking has completely disappeared, the day also updated snapshot for upload. Of course, some small sense of achievement, then every time the 3 articles are original, with the title of the article, first love Shanghai, look at the same rate, personally feel that this is important, then the structure of the article, in the first paragraph without any anchor text, and appropriately into the title second, add a anchor text, and insert the pictures, after the above, so stick to now, from the current owners still love Shanghai recorded from July 14th to August 10th, the basic snapshot is the next day, and Before the snapshot can see that: read more

Analysis of Taobao guest website how to break the bottleneck to obtain sustained growthTalk about wh

why? I can help you analyze the reasons, on the shlf1314 to do some advertising, price is a few dollars to advertise on sh419, some price is a few dollars, as long as do have encountered a similar situation. First of all, your site must conform to the shlf1314 Advertising can do on certain conditions, the sh419 threshold is higher, that is to say, can do these ads website or website quality is certainly the mainstream of clearance, certainly through shlf1314, sh419 that after their selection, some believe for several times friends are not approved. Now we go back to the Beaming with Joy. Beaming with Joy can be said to have applied for a station, you can zero threshold, zero, IP also can. That’s the difference. read more

Some pros and cons of love Shanghai Webmaster Tools

can see this article webmaster believe practical love Shanghai open the webmaster tools, otherwise it is passing, of course, whether or not you are a practical love Shanghai webmaster tools, I actually thought for a long time to write this article, because the love from Shanghai to foreign webmaster tools when I was in use. With the increase of functionality, to a certain extent, indeed facilitate the webmaster, but this tool also has two sides, today I would like to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of love Shanghai webmaster tools. read more

Teach you how to analysis Shanghai Dragon Technology

The basic data of the The structure and content of the The update mechanism of

website. Here I would like to say that I think. Some friends may have such doubt like me, what is the highest realm of Shanghai dragon? What do Shanghai dragon must update the content > you every day


I believe we all know the search engine ranking is determined by correlation wit, needs of the users and the website ranking (of course, many factors affecting the key word ranking), so in other words, who stood outside the chain optimization is a good, strong, fit user experience that this station is not bad to a large extent on. We do so to the Shanghai dragon friends can not use it to do their own site optimization than the opponent, then our ranking on the former. Now the problem has come, where is the contradiction between the enterprise website optimization? How to analyze the web site of Shanghai dragon read more

Share the love Shanghai how to better use.

now to say the first point is to do good work must first sharpen his tools. Is the training we usually call account. This point is very important, do network promotion people know whether you are using blogs, forums or quiz or authority of the platform are needed to account. This is your account number, your account level is higher, the rate will be relatively high, but also shows the authority to be higher than the new user, the contribution rate is self-evident. At present, small hands have more than 4 of the core user account 5, other small account also has about 7 or so. The number of such accounts in Shanghai love encyclopedia promotion is enough, in fact not so difficult, it is important to keep you going to do. read more

Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon novice do eat hot tofu


actually since you have chosen to do Shanghai dragon should have this ready, Shanghai Longfeng work perseverance, in the spirit of never giving up, smart people will put Shanghai Dragon into their own hobbies, when a person is interested in Shanghai dragon, no matter what you do, will persist, and will remember down this process into its own memory, long-term it will become their own experience, and then after a long Shanghai dragon combat, I believe it will soon become a leader in Shanghai dragon. However, don’t take shortcuts, use black cap means to achieve their goals, the search engine doesn’t love, but once K, all you had done Kung Fu white, Shanghai dragon, time is too precious, vulnerable read more

Practical solutions should be punished website

I have a happy education examination site examination, because this station is done 301 jump, the old station started 2009, due to various reasons behind the re registration of domain name transfer station, and the old station to do 301 jumps, but the love of Shanghai 301 treatment technology is not very high, the new snapshot has not updated, updated snapshot every day instead of the old station, time in the past year, the website or in this case, the snapshot is not updated for half a year, so the 301 site jump canceled, canceled in a week after the site suddenly included reducing the 1000 page, site page is not the first. The search for "happy" the word home page ranking are gone, so it is obviously love Shanghai right down, then I analyzed the various reasons. The website contains less original content that we are not very high, is new, the weight is not very high, before all things love Shanghai that is rubbish, so the previously indexed pages are removed from the article, the second is suddenly canceled 301 jump, before the old station also have the weight, in love Shanghai webmaster tools, the old station page is also considered a reverse link, included many pages, there is a reverse link, suddenly canceled, the chain suddenly dropped, so it will cause love Shanghai. read more

TF-IDF the sort of traditional IR Technology

you may say, look at these books name, see the relevant information which contains the title which I want to find the topic, then in this part of the remaining books to see an overview of what content, which is more in line with what I want.


think a minute.

={t1, t2,… Tn}

where Q1 is the number of T1 the words in your search criteria in the Q, the T2 Q2 is the number of vocabulary in search conditions in Q, and so on. If QN is zero, n said the word does not appear in the q.

is also in that year, ranking technology of information retrieval is a very popular TF-IDF. read more

The chain of desire resources too crazy possessive morbid Shanghai Dragon

hopes to have more high-quality website chain is It’s only human. hold such "outside the chain, but the more the better Shanghai dragon" Shanghai dragon concept people do not cherish those newly found outside the chain of resources, think it is normal, in order to improve the site keywords ranking Shanghai dragon, even the person can be changed into "Shanghai dragon day in and day out the ranking machine", not to mention just a few new chain resources, find out the absent-minded two or three the chain, and then continue to look for the chain resources, then absent-minded to send the chain, so the cycle. read more

Seven Shanghai dragon origin [Video + text]

2. flow Shanghai dragon

1. brand Shanghai dragon

4. enquiries Shanghai dragon

B2B is the main site to such or traditional enterprise site can not do the actual order or purchase behavior, so the Shanghai dragon to get enquiries or ask a single. Although no such user’s intention to users so strong, but he.

3. electricity supplier Shanghai dragon

why do Shanghai dragon? Many people would say that in order to flow, in order to order, it is not false, but not a word to simple explanation, because the original purpose of different websites, enterprises, the status quo, the ability to do Shanghai dragon are not the same. We can’t just pursue Shanghai dragon performance, must understand the reasons behind the Shanghai dragon do find its origin is more important. read more