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Webmaster blog advantages and operation station note analysis

two: the establishment of blog need to pay attention to the local

in the chain is king of the era, many people attach great importance to the construction of the chain, blog because of its many advantages has been widely used in many webmaster, but blog first condition is that the requirements of blog has certain weight, can be included in search engines, to keep standing effect, so how to do the blog to promote the development of the website, today we are going to discuss.

1: low cost can be replicated read more

Analysis of the mainstream Webmaster Tools

The owners of the house

advantages: the overall situation is similar to the owners of the house, but the advantage is more prominent "keyword mining" through love station "keyword mining" can understand and optimize this number included all of the long tail keywords difficulty, is clear.

has the advantages of the use of "Shanghai dragon query" can learn to master information website, for example, weight PR, Links number, with a IP website, snapshot, included the number, chain number, meta tags, keywords ranking love Shanghai and other major information, just can make a page do you know the information about website. "Links detection" can understand the chain of mass information, we must pay close attention to the Links, accidentally, others will hurt their own web site, use Adsense tools, let you know the mass chain stand. "Keyword ranking query" can let you know the website ranking in the love of Shanghai, less than 1000 support. "Optimization analysis" to let you know your chosen keywords optimization of the difficulty of the top 50 keywords, how much do the website keywords, in site love Shanghai home, let you know the word to optimize the difficulty. "Death detection can detect many web sites do not attach importance to the death, death, K did not know what happened. read more